Saturday, April 01, 2006

in the flesh.

right now....wickedly procrastinating.
it's finally spring, and hearts flower.
anxiously awaiting april 13th.

my fucking computer broke again which means
i'll be living in the library this weekend to write my paper.

dualing realities.

I am using these images and video footage to create an exhibit on coming-of-age ritual of sacrifice in western culture...animal dissection in schools. these are fetal pigs. while people tore into their flesh, i heard a conversation about britney spears. vile. I want to get footage from alien movies and splice it with images of the animals in order to create a kind of visual rhetoric about the alienation of animals from their "animal-ness"- transformed to a subject intended to be elevated into a symbol of scientific cosmology. no longer is this "a pig" but it is "the other" through which we understand ourselves as students, scientists, adults, humans, etc. Also, because this is an educational requirement to move onto the next level, students who might choose not to participate become alienated from their peers and the system itself. I am going to have, in the center, a tv monitor with the film footage. Surrounding the exhibit will be photographs from the laboratory and probably photographs of other indigenous animal sacrifice rituals in various regions of the world. On one side will be a computer station with a program running a simulated dissection in which viewers can dissect animals virtually.
i also want to have an audio station that is playing recorded interviews of students, professors, scientists, children, parents about dissection. any suggestions? any comments? any experiences with dissection you would like to share? i'll use it in my project if it's good.


Blogger Scott Thomas said...

do pigs have ghosts?

6:28 PM  
Blogger audra said...

i certainly hope so.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Courtland said...

when i dissected a fetal pig in my younger days i noticed the tiny hairs on the animals and my teacher pointed out that "yes indeed they have hair, just like us..." having her say "just like us" disturbed me and i was suddenly overwhelmed with this image of women carrying around opened dissected pig fetus as purses

1:50 PM  

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