Sunday, April 23, 2006

bengal tiger

my stomach is rumbling.
i'm not hungry, just impatient.

graduation is close at hand, and there is much to do.
here's the checklist:

1) write a 5 page "bookreport" on The Life of Pi. ugh.
2) edit and do a bit of re-writing on my "Shakespeare in Film" conference paper.
3) Compile and edit my dissection footage which means learning how to edit film footage. (This will take me forever)
4) Fly down to atlanta to teach a class
5) Write the music for our theatre outreach production which goes up May 6th ( I am also acting in it so i must learn the lines)
6) A 10-12 page paper comparatively discussing the ideas of Barbarians, Slaves, and Prophecy in Aeschylus, Euripides, Aristophanes, and Sophocles.

Those are the main tasks from now until May 8th.

my subconscious is very violent right now, and I feel quite aggresive. i think it's another one of those transitionary points where i need to be on the move and challenged.


Blogger Courtland said...

the end comes at a blitzkreig clip and the facist regime known as life threatens us with dogs and beheadings. drink deep from the pool right now my dear and think of nights on dirty tiled floor and early mornings burn on our faces. just breathe and charge at it all screaming a battle cry of "GRILLZ!".....miss you

3:07 PM  

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