Saturday, March 04, 2006

a universe

wow. last night/this morning were amazing.
i went down to columbia last night to see my friend matt's show: the lesson by ionesco.
his parents took us out to an incredible dinner- (mohitos are my new favourite drink)
then we went to some bar on the upper west side
we then went back to columbia and proceeded to drink til dawn in an apartment overlooking the city.
this morning i had to teach at 11 so i woke up at 8:30(after an hour of sleep) and put myself on the 1 train, then the 7- the people who wake up at 8:30 on saturdays are anal retentive and in general, quite irritating. maybe it was just the two girls talking about wearing thermal socks with cute shoes.
Then to the metronorth where i proceeded to fall asleep and completely miss my stop.
in scarsdale, i had to pee
i went into the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror(the haggard hungover teacher that is supposedly setting an example for the youth- also already 20 minutes late and not anywhere near school) and decided to splash some water on my face, forgetting i was wearing mascara the night before. next thing i know, i look like a racoon. i get soap in my eyes trying to wash it off. then with my face awkwardly positioned underneath one of those automatic hand dryers, i decide this morning is one great morning.
back on the train, barelling in the opposite direction.
kids and retards demanding attention from parents and passengers. A retarded man in his late 40's says to the surrounding public when he gets on the train..."Have a good weekend. (no reply).......I SAID, HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!!!!!!! (the masses reply with a half frightened, apprehensive "...have a good weekend..." i can't help but smile.
when i get off at my stop, i try to hail a cab- it will be 15 minutes, they say.
i walk through the snow frantically stopping for a second to glance out over the overpass into the highway vision of cars gliding on wheels and dreams- everyone going somewhere.
show up at class an hour late, still in the clothes from last night and with marker all over my arms because i had drawn on myself.
it was a good class.
just went to see "pullman car:Hiawatha"
tonight i am throwing a vegan class party for my animal rights class.
hung over still and exhausted, but life is good.


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