Wednesday, March 08, 2006


another dream.
they've been getting weirder and weirder
i guess my subconscious has just been really dark lately, so wake up with these
images transfixed behind my eyelids.
last night i had a dream that was graced by the presence of scotty b.
i don't really what happened in that segment of the dream other than a
lovely kiss between us.
then i was in my old school(the one i will hopefully be teaching at).
my old theatre director's mother had just died (in reality his father just died)
and he was storing her body in a casket in the room which would later become my office.
we walked into the room and it smelled of death.
the dark dingy stench of rotting flesh
he opened the casket from the side and said, "this is my mother"
an old woman was on her side, face towards us
her hair was a bushel of grey matter on top of her head
and her mouth was agape, the onset of disentigration bearing her
skeletal teeth.
she was made up as if she were going to a sock hop
but death and old age had stolen any beauty she once had
and her open eyelashes encased marble eyeballs
probably rock hard, like her gaze.

"how long will you keep her here," i asked.
"until this becomes your office," he replied.


Blogger Courtland said...

the dead often plague my dreams...yours sounds like a short film that would be pale and almost blue in nature. hard to say what the images mean but your subconcious is defintely hard at work. hope all is well.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Courtland said...

i have been dreaming constantly about not knowing my lines for productions that i have been cast in for as long as i can remember. while i have not acted in quite some time this constantly occurs...dreamed of ny and scotty and you oddly enough even though i have never met you. premonition? miss your blog. come back. if you have news of scotty let me know

4:08 PM  

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