Sunday, March 19, 2006

disembodied buttocks

it's been a good minute here since i've updated.
been to the dirty and back.
interviewed for the teaching position.
it went very very well and things are looking positive as of now.
in all, i interviewed with 4 individuals- the asst. director of fine arts, the director of fine arts, the middle school principle, and the headmaster.
following all of the interviews, i was told by the asst. director of fine arts that were it up to him, he would hire me. i think that's a positive sign.

back in new york.
st. patrick's day proved to be entertaining and i consumed far too much alcohol
which proved to be rather debilitating the following day.
hung out with some BADA kids though, which is always a lovely, reminiscent time.

i got a new guitar!!!!!!!!!!
a taylor- she's my new little bean- a pride and joy, though not directly from the womb.

trying to finish up a 20 pg paper on shakespeare in film(namely richard III) so i can get up to boston on wednesday.

someone quick- tell me why people put shoes on their dogs. evil evil evil.

more later when procrastination ensues.


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