Sunday, March 26, 2006

before the trees hath given forth fruit

this spring break has included:

a trip to atlanta
a 9 page paper
4 interviews for a job
recording a song for the first time
getting a new guitar
finding out scott is going to iraq
a trip back to new york
st. patrick's day insanity in Brooklyn
watching varied Richard III movies
a couple ex-boyfriend redezvous
a bus to boston
partying at Harvard
visiting my dear high school friend Vaughn
a gravity bong party(yes, they exist)
a couple particularly memorable dinners with friends
a bus back to new york
animal collective concert
sleeping on multiple couches
living out of a backpack
riding many many many trains

now it's over- i have a 20 pg paper on shakespeare in film due on Thursday,
i'm broke as hell, i have tech week for my show which goes up friday, and i'm excited to sink back into the cracked out, overly exhausted mental state that school continuously and generously offers for a month and 1/2 more before i graduate.


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